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We create eCom ads that sell like crazy 🎥🤑

Performance-optimized eCommerce video ads made by marketing experts (fast).

Your creative ally

From start to finish, we take your advertising to new heights with our comprehensive approach, including product research, creative briefing, creator selection, production, editing, and optimization. All seamlessly integrated and offered at a great value.

For all types of marketers

Dropshipping, TikTok, Amazon, private label—no matter where you are or what you do, We've got you covered with our eCom ads.

Every detail is important

Our video creatives are planned and executed by world-class strategists, copywriters, actors, and video editors, who pour their hearts into every project and strive for you to get the maximum ROI.

Reduce your CPAs (marketing costs) 🤯

We want to help you maximize results, grow, and succeed in your paid advertising campaigns (as fast as possible). That's why we are meticulous with every element to hit your desired KPIs.

Split testing

In order to achieve more, you have to try more. Ask for new video concepts and variations, and we will provide them. We are confident that creative iterations can make your ad campaign successful.

Data analysis

Partner with us to enhance your performance team. Give us access to the data from your campaigns, and we will scrutinize it to boost the effectiveness of your future ads.

Passionate creators

We collaborate with highly-trained content creators from all over the world. Let us find the perfect fit for you. More than five languages are available.

English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Need another one? Just let us know. 🌎

Dedicated communication

Enjoy real-time updates and support for your orders from our dedicated customer success team, always ready to assist you.


Consistent: speed

Advertising success doesn't happen by chance. To prevent ad fatigue and maintain positive metrics, ongoing testing and optimization are crucial. We have the people and we have the mastery to provide you with the creatives you need as fast as the modern world requires.

Re-edit your old content

Holding folders full of brand assets and footage? Our post-production experts will go deep to transform them into usable ad creatives. Contact us for more information about this service.

Adsmate is

  • Data-driven decisions
  • Masterful copywriting and editing
  • Free revisions
  • An AI and technology-based approach
  • Fast turnarounds and deliveries
  • Deep creator research
  • Full-time, friendly customer service

A hassle-free process for you.

Four steps to magic! ⭐️

Place your order

Select the video package that best fits your needs, from classic social media ads to fully-produced videos with fresh, original content.

Short questionnaire

Upon ordering, you will receive a confirmation email with a short creative questionnaire to fill out and future communications info. We ask for relevant information about your product, video type, goal, duration, etc. At this stage, you will be able to include any notes and specifications for our team.

Ship your Product(s)*

For UGC packages, it's essential that you send your product directly to the selected actor(s). Once you decide (or leave it to us), you will get the address information.


You will receive the final order via the email address you provided. You will be able to request up to 3 free revisions during the editing phase (for each ad creative).

We complete Classic videos in 1–3 business days and UGC ads in 5 business days after the product arrives. And we take 1–2 business days for each revisions block.

And finally, delivery! You are now ready to go and test your ads!

Make your video ads come to life now! 🚀

Nath Debaque 🎥

Youtuber and entrepeneur

"Adsmate is just exceptional. Honestly, I have never been disappointed."

  • Charles Griggs

    "They definitely exceeded expectations! Will be back to order more ads. ASAP. Can't wait to launch my successful ads."

  • Braeden Robbins

    "They are professionals to the letter and the turnaround was as promised and in excellent condition! They really strive to help people market their products."

  • Osadha Deshapriya

    "Great customer service and quality stunning videos. My ads performed 8X better. Strongly recommended."

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 👇

Difference between Classic and UGC?

We’re amazed at how well user-generated content performs, so our team created this package to be the king of your marketing game. Ideation, creative strategy, actor hiring, filming, copywriting, and video editing—we take care of everything, so you don’t have to. Our classic package combines quality stock videos and internet clips with outstanding visuals and copywriting—It’s a fast, and cheap way to start testing but is still really profitable.

What’s the delivery time?

For classic ads, we’ll take no more than three business days. For UGC ads, it will be five business days after the product arrives to the actor. For custom packages, the delivery time will be determined by our team.

Do you offer revisions?

Of course! Revisions are a vital part of our process. If you need something to be changed in the editing phase, ask for it. Revisions are usually ready after one business day. You have 3 free revisions for each ad creative.

Can I order a custom package?

Absolutely! Contact us via chat or schedule a call here, and we’ll design a personalized package to meet your goals.

Can I provide my own script?

Yes, we’re happy to follow your instructions as long as they align with your selected package.

What are hooks, ad copy, and orientations?

Hook/scroll stopper: this term refers to the first 3–5 seconds of a video ad. We can deliver different hooks for an affordable price so that you can split each video concept into multiple results.

Ad copy: this is the primary text that appears with the social media ad or post. It’s usually called “the caption.”

Orientation: is the aspect ratio of the video. Square? Vertical? 16:9?

Do I need to ship the products?

Yes, but only for the UGC package.

We have people from all over the world, so you can choose an actor near you to make everything faster.

Where do I get updates on my orders?

Our primary communication channel is email; we'll ask you some questions about the order and keep you updated during every step of the process. If you prefer a dedicated Slack or Asana channel, please let us know (we are happy to do this for our best clients).

More information?

Contact us to have a conversation about our packages and how we can help you to figure out your next marketing move.