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Get A Premium Video Ad For Your Dropshipping Business

Get A Premium Video Ad For Your Dropshipping Business

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In these tough times, Entrepreneurs like you have more opportunities than at any other time in history.

The truth is: This is the best time ever!
What are you waiting for?
Scale your store to the moon!

A fascinating Video Ad is the key to improving Sales (CPC, CPA, ROI...)

So, Why do online advertising the hard way?

That's why we have created the perfect all in one LIMITED TIME OFFER for you:

For $39 Usd you will get:

-One Premium Video Ad optimized for Dropshipping (30-45 Seconds)
-One free Ad Image
-Delivery in 1-2 days 
-3 Revisions

Yes, This is real...
Test faster. Find winners faster!

We are sure you would love to have a video ad like these:

How does it work?

Well, after your purchase you just have to answer our E-mail.
We need these 3 simple things:

-Link of the product (Aliexpress, Shopify store, for example)
-Name of the product
-Logo of your Store (optional)
It couldn't be easier! We will take care of everything!

If you don't have a product yet, we can help you select one.


What our clients say about us... 

Why Adsmate? 

-Extremely fast delivery: 1-2 days! 

-Prevent copyright infringement!

-Avoid getting your ads disapproved! 

-Save time searching for Freelancers!

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Same as Luke - 5 days and no content

I was promised my creatives to be finished and sent to me in 1-2 days max, it has now been 5 days without any proper update.

Rapid testing is very important here, and I have been unable to do that.

This review will also stand until my paid for content is received

Luke Brook
5 days later and no video

When testing a product, timing is important. This website says you’ll have a video in 24-48 hours. It’s been 5 days and no video with little communication. I had to do the chasing and all I heard back was were working on some details. Unless the video I receive is flawless and lambo worthy this review stands.

Andreas Hinterer
High quality

adsmate produces quickly but and has a good service for little money I can only recommend it

Jean Philippe Reynier
Excellent travail.

Pour une première commande nous avons constaté un excellent travail, effectué rapidement, comme les modifications que nous avons demandé. Nous avons également constaté un excellent retour de vues sur Facebook Adds lors des tests que nous avons réalisés. A recommander pour leur prix et leur professionnalisme.

Ramin S.
Top notch !

Purchased two videos so far and they are awesome ! :)