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    Classic Video Ad Package

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    Classic Video Ad Package


    No matter what type of product you sell or which social network you use to market your stuff, our classic package is for you.

    Grow, scale and succeed with top-notch video ads which are insanely cheap.

    For just $39 (yes, just that) you will receive a fascinating Video Ad optimized for your marketing campaigns..


    We are sure you would love to have a video ad like these: 

    How does it work?

    Well, after your purchase you just have to answer our E-mail.
    We need these 3 simple things:

    -Link of the product (Aliexpress, Shopify store, for example)
    -Name of the product
    -Logo of your Store (optional)
    It couldn't be easier! We will take care of everything!

    If you don't have a product yet, we can help you select one.


    What our clients say about us... 

    Why Adsmate? 

    -Extremely fast delivery: 1-2 days! 

    -Prevent copyright infringement!

    -Avoid getting your ads disapproved! 

    -Save time searching for Freelancers!